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Current Project

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LIDOS and Early Century Public Baths

Exhibited as 'No Diving' 2009 in Germany, Museum Industry& Culture

2010 during 'The Brighton Photo Biennial' and part of Hastings Artsforum gallery 2011.

My current book project is a visual exploration of the art deco design period for indoor and outdoor

swimming baths in Europe and America.

This project is not a pure documentation of art deco pool architecture.

Through my photography I like to convey the ambiance of those pools, photographing a wide range from

well maintained and refurbished to closed and decayed pools. Focusing on the beauty and strength of art

deco, it’s clean lines and colours. Additionally embracing the visual quality of water, reflections, shapes

and the endlessly different nuances of blue. I am also interested in the institutional and functional aspects

of pools.

A combination therefore of beauty and decay with that creating a nostalgia and sometimes a ghostly

presence of the past.