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City Lights

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Las Vegas, Brighton and Barcelona,

Very different Cities and more so at night. However as darkness descends on these Cities a transformation

happens to all of them and another picture emerges. The kitsch and garish Las Vegas, is saturated with

colourful light and reflections, what seemed plastic and false during the harsh dessert light at daytime,

becomes glamorous and sparkly at night.Brighton’s night face shows some of this sparkle as well, but as

the bright spots are not all together, graphic images emerge with shapes of colour set against a very black

night sky. Darkness can cause some of Brighton’s happy daytime images to turn eerie at night. This effect

is repeated as night falls on Barcelona’s Barri Gotic area, as the streetlamps work the transformation

creating a hauntingly dramatic night world. Night therefore is not the opposite of day, but a different

picture altogether emerges.

A twilight world comes into being, a world of shifting forms and false perceptions.